Can you wash the headliner in a car?


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Yes! You can wash the headliner in a car however it’s important to use gentle cleaning methods and be careful not to soak the headliner too much.

It’s recommended to use a soft brush or microfiber cloth with a mild cleaner. Avoid using abrasive scrubbing or harsh chemicals as these can damage the headliner material. It’s also important to allow the headliner to fully dry before putting the windows back up to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Overall, it’s best to exercise caution and go slowly when washing the headliner to avoid any potential damage.

Key Points:

  • Use gentle cleaning methods
  • Avoid scrubbing
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals
  • Make sure your headliner is dry before closing the car windows

If your headliner is really dirty, it might be best to consult a professional

Learn more about cleaning a car headliner

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