Can You Wash a Stained Glass Window?


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Yes! You can wash a stained glass window. However, using the correct cleaning products and techniques is essential to ensure that your window is not damaged or discolored.

If you are using store-bought cleaners, check the label for instructions on how to use them properly. Never use cleaners with alcohol or ammonia, as these can damage the stained glass or the lead that holds them in place. Dishwashing soapy products should also be avoided.

You may want to consider a foam spray, as this will avoid too much liquid getting into the window or dripping down.

Drying your window after cleaning is VERY IMPORTANT. Use a microfibre cloth or lint-free cloth to dry your window and remove any excess water or cleaning product residue.

If you have an antique stained glass window, it is important to consult a professional before attempting to clean it yourself. This is because older stained glass windows may be fragile and require more delicate cleaning techniques. Some stained glass windows may have been painted or have pieces of glass that are no longer available and therefore, should not be disturbed.

Key Points

  • You can wash stained glass windows, but you must do so carefully. – Avoid cleaners with alcohol or ammonia as they can damage the window.
  • Use a foam spray to prevent too much liquid from dripping into the window.
  • Dry your window afterward using a microfibre cloth or lint
  • Always be highly gentle when cleaning a stained glass window.

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