Can you wash dreadlocks?


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Yes, you can and should wash dreadlocks to maintain their cleanliness and health. Dreadlocks, like any other hair type, need regular washing to remove dirt, sweat, and oils that can accumulate over time.

Not washing them can lead to an unpleasant smell, itching, and even mold growth inside the locks.

Dos and don’ts when washing dreadlocks


  • Do use a residue-free, gentle shampoo designed for dreadlocks or one that doesn’t leave any buildup.
  • Do wet your dreadlocks thoroughly before applying shampoo.
  • Do gently massage the shampoo into your scalp and work it through the length of your dreads.
  • Do rinse your dreadlocks thoroughly, ensuring all shampoo and dirt are removed.
  • Do gently squeeze your dreadlocks to remove excess water, avoiding wringing or twisting.
  • Do allow your dreadlocks to air dry completely in a well-ventilated area or in the sun.
  • Do perform regular maintenance on your dreadlocks, such as palm rolling or tightening loose hairs.
  • Do listen to your hair and scalp to determine the best washing frequency for your dreadlocks.


  • Don’t use shampoos with heavy fragrances, conditioners, or additives that can cause buildup in your dreads.
  • Don’t scrub your dreadlocks too hard while washing, as this can cause damage or unraveling.
  • Don’t rush the rinsing process; take your time to ensure all shampoo is removed from your dreads.
  • Don’t twist or wring your dreadlocks to remove excess water, as this can cause damage.
  • Don’t use heat styling tools (e.g., hairdryers) to dry your dreadlocks, as they can cause damage.
  • Don’t wash your dreadlocks too frequently or infrequently; find the right balance for your hair type and scalp condition.
  • Don’t neglect regular maintenance, as this helps keep your dreadlocks healthy and tidy.
  • Don’t use heavy oils, waxes, or creams on your dreadlocks, as they can cause buildup and attract dirt.

Step by step guide – best way to wash dreads

Step 1

Dreadlock Spa Day – Treat your dreadlocks to a luxurious spa day by setting the mood. Light some candles, play your favorite tunes, and create a relaxing atmosphere to pamper your dreads. Remember, happy dreads are healthy dreads!

Step 2

Dreadlock Dive – Get ready to dive into the washing experience by thoroughly soaking your dreadlocks. Imagine you’re diving into a crystal-clear pool, ensuring every strand is drenched in water. Properly wet dreads make shampooing more efficient, so don’t skimp on the soak!

Step 3

Shampoo Party – Now it’s time to turn your dreadlocks into a bubbly shampoo party! Use a residue-free, gentle shampoo designed for dreadlocks, and spread the lather love through your hair. While you massage your scalp, imagine your fingertips are dancing on a foamy dance floor, taking care of every twist and turn of your dreads.

Step 4

Waterfall Rinse – Rinsing your dreadlocks is like standing under a refreshing waterfall. Let the water cascade through your dreads, washing away all the shampoo, dirt, and impurities. Take your time during this step, as it’s crucial to ensure that all the suds are gone. Remember, a thorough rinse is the key to squeaky-clean dreadlocks!

Step 5

Dreadlock Dry-athlon – Now that your dreads are washed and rinsed, it’s time for the grand finale: the Dreadlock Dry-athlon! Gently squeeze your dreadlocks to remove excess water, but don’t twist or wring them. Then, wrap them in a clean, dry towel like a warm, fuzzy hug. Finally, let your dreads air dry in a sunny spot or a well-ventilated area, and imagine them basking in the glory of their newfound freshness.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the 5-step guide to washing dreadlocks, and your dreads are now clean, happy, and ready to rock the world!

Final thoughts 💭

And there you have it, folks! By following this practical 5-step guide, you’ve given your dreadlocks the love and care they deserve. Remember, maintaining clean and healthy dreads is all about finding the right balance, and enjoying the process is part of the journey. So, embrace the fun of washing your dreadlocks, and continue to strut your fabulous, fresh, and well-cared-for dreads with confidence and style. Happy dreadlock pampering!


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