Can you wash ombre brows?


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Yes, ombre brows can be washed just like any other type of brow.

You must be careful how you wash your ombre brows, especially when you have them done. Use a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water to avoid damaging the delicate skin around your eyebrows. Gently pat the area dry with a soft towel afterwards. After ten days or so you can wash your face as usual.

Key points:

  • Be very careful how you wash them on the day you get them. Use just plain water or a very gentle cleaner.
  • Do not use any harsh cleaners, makeup or other products on them for 10 days after your treatment
  • Pat them dry very carefully
  • After 10 days you can resume washing your face as you usually do.

Can you wash your face after ombre brows?

You can wash your face after your treatment, but avoid your eye brows for around 10 days. If you need to clean your brows use only warm water or a very gentle clenser.

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